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Tarangire national park  is one of the Tanzania’s national park located in the Northern  Tanzania   118 km  South west of Arusha city .This park is also suitable for bird watchers  due  to   several species  of birds found in the park. The park has the size of 2850sq km. The herds of giant elephants and  big baobab trees make this park admirable .

 Tarangire  river which runs across the park attracts the herds of elephants ,migratory  wildebeest ,zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, hartebeest and eland  which crowd the river lagoon.

 Predators  such as Lion, hyena  are also found in this park, they  use this river as  the hunting ground and the resting place when its sunny.

During dry season  water in the river dries but elephants  scratch  the river bed with their trunks  to get under ground water that can be also  beneficial to other animals hence most of the animal gather on this river following the herds of elephants.

On drier ground you find Kori bustard  the heaviest world flying bird , Ostrich  the world largest bird ,ground hornbill, yellow –collard love bird , rufous tailed  weaver, ashy sterling all endemic to the dry savanna of north-central Tanzania.  Termite mounds  flocked with pairs of  red and yellow barbet  and colonies of dwarf mongoose.

Luckily you can spot Tarangire’s  python which climb trees like lion and Leopard