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7 Things To Do in Lushoto Tanzania

Explore the best places to visit  in Lushoto Tanzania.

There are so many things to do on Lushoto Tanzania, but one of the best ways to explore the area is by hiking. Hiking gives you an opportunity to see the beauty of the country while getting some exercise. You can also take advantage of the beautiful scenery to relax and enjoy nature.


Get ready for your off the beaten track experience with this great hike through the Usambara Mountains. Walk about 12-15 km each day while enjoying the great views,Rainforest, farming activities and local village people. We’ll sleep in local basic accomadations or lodges  and end the trip in Mambo Cliff Inn or Mambo eco lodge  where the views are stunning!

Kisasa waterfall

Kisasa waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Lushoto, with a great high cliff  located few kilometers from the town of Lushoto. Take a walk in the nature ,beautiful surroundings and beautiful trails through the villages and small towns to Kisasa waterfall.


Encounter the indigenious and endemic species of Usambara mountains..

Usambara is the best destination  for birdwatchers  and any other person interested to see birds.


We have a perckage for you that will make you satisfied with seeing the birds of Usambara mountains and Mkomazi.

Irente view point tour

  • Walk or drive to one of the famous and stunning viewpoints, 1500 m.
  • The viewpoint is perched at the steep cliff of Usambara Mountains.
  • Enjoy the incredible and spectacular view over the Masai plains, overlooking the small towns of Mazinde and Kasiga.
  • Walk around the Irente village.


This tour will take you to the  Eastern Usambara Mountains and specifically Mazumbai forest.

Mazumbai forest is one of the forest with high degrees of biodiversity on the globe. It is in this forest where you can find saint paulia flowers  famous as USAMBARA VIOLET.

During this trip you will  visit tea and spices plantation


This destination is located in Eastern Usambara .Its  good recreational place  & suitable for  ,canoeing , swimming in a dam of fresh water. ,  Its very relaxing and comforting

    Magamba nature forest

  • Uphill walk from Lushoto via Kwembago village to Magamba rainforest.
  • Admire the rich vegetation, colourful birds and butterflies and keep your eyes open for the colobus monkeys.
  • Visit a historic cave as well, which have been used during World War 1.
  • Climb the Magamba forest peak 1840m above sea level.
  • Picnic lunch at mountain peak.

Amani Nature Reserve

Is a biodiversity hot spot and the main tourist attraction in East usambara mountains. It is a place where you can find different species of Chameleons ranging from one horn to three horns.

Apart from chameleons pay a visit to butterfly farming and spice gardens.

Go for a night walk in the forest looking for three horns chameleons.


Discover  Lushoto ,the west Usambara mountains with a Landrover.

This tour is intending to meet the needs of those who want to discover the best of the region with the help of a car. We use landrover to drive you and show you the best of usambara mountains.

Visit  Rainforest ,waterfall ,view points