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4 Days Tanzania safari- Lake manyara -Ngorongoro-Serengeti
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Amazing four days safari tour. Visit Serengeti the endless plain and the UNESCO world heritage site. This tour will take you to the most prominent national parks of serengeti ,Ngorongoro and Manyara national parks

Beautiful four days game drive  tour will start by visiting Lake Manyara national park which is famous for its tree climbing lions .The park is dominated by the lake and it attracts more than 400 bird species. Next day you will visit Serengeti national park famous for its endless plains and plenty of wildlife .At last you will finish with Ngorongoro crater before heading back to Arusha.


Today we go exploring the beauty of Lake Manyara national park. This tour will start from your lodge or campsite where you will be picked up  and drive along the rift valley to the park. On your arrival you will be welcome  by the troops of baboon and blue monkeys which scatters near the entrance . The park has the area of 330 square kilometer  whereby 200 square kilometer is covered by lake when water level is high. Lake Manyara national park is set at the base of 600m high escarpment of the rift valley this makes it the most scenic beauty.. The park is renown for its tree climbing lion and the beautiful lake of the same name Manyara which attracts large colonies of water birds. More than 400 birds species has been recorded in this park , highlight is the pink hued flamingo on their perpetual migration  as well as other  large water birds such as pelicans ,cormorant and storcks .Other animal includes, tree climbing lions ,leopard, hippo, buffalo, elephants, zebra giraffe ,gazelles ,bush bucks etc.Other animals can be spo tted as well which include lion, giraffe, elephant,leopard, buffalo, zebra ,gazelle and so on. In water there are hippos and on the ground there are ground hornbill.



From the campsite in Karatu you  will drive to Serengeti national park via Ngorongoro conservation area. Drive along the Ngorongoro crater  highland and through Ngorongoro conservation area while enjoying good land scapes. On the way you have chance to spot some wildlife although many of them are in the crater that you will visit on the way back on Last day. Keep driving to Southern part of Serengeti ,enjoy the good landscape of endless plains while looking for games. From  noon till evening you will be enjoying your game drive while making your way to central serengeti where you will overnighjt at the camp. The park has the size of 14763 sq km. The park is home for Giraffe ,buffalo, Hyena, Elephants, Crocodile, Hippo ,and so much more,.Dont forget about predators which includes Lions, Cheetah ,Leopard etc.

Spend your night at the camp  in Central Serengeti Seronera.


After early breakfast  you will go for an early morning game drive  in Serengeti  untill noon .At noon with your packed lunch  you will drive out of Serengeti heading to Ngorongoro conservation area ,enjoy game drive while driving back   . Ngorongoro and Serengeti are co joined and hence where  Serengeti ends ,its where ngorongoro conservation area starts. . You will arrive at the Ngorongoro  crater rim late afternoon On your arrival at Ngorongoro crater  willyou will be camping at the crater rim while enjoying the stunning view of the crater. (Simba campsite



After breakfast  and early morning  view you will descend 600 meter  to the crater floor  through an adventurous road .

Ngorongoro crater is one of the largest caldera which resulted from volcanic activities took place some milions years ago. Since then it has become  host for big number of grazers and predators. Ngorongoro crater has the diameter of 17 -21 km and it goes deep for 600m .The crater is found within the big conservation area which is under UNESCO. Nearly all wildlife and diversity of East African Savannah are gathered here except giraffe and few animals that can not afford walking on steep hill down to the crater. Depends on seasons but the population of up to 15000-25000  animals are gathering here, thereof more than two thirds buffaloes, gnus, zebras and gazelles. Apart from other predators more than 100 lions in different prides are living here. The chance to see big five animals; lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant  and rhino is particularly high in ngorongoro.The presence of a small lake within the park also attracts colonies of birds ,hippos are also found here. In the afternoon you will drive up the crater to the up land of ngorongoro and continue to Arusha.

Lunch will be provided..